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the search for co-vin collins. after 29 years the one thing that pointed police to a person of interest and his family reaction tonight. also hear the effort underway to stop a coyote hunt scheduled for next week. not to protect the coyote but another animal. >> a cable car crash injures nearly a dozen people. i team data shows it is the country's most dangerous mode of public transportation. the strange contraption that you may have seen hovering out on the bay. the owner tells abc 7 news exclusively exactly what he is
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if there was anyway. i'm not saying there was a -- but if there was any way they could have got the background, the guy would have never got out of prison ever and kevin would be alive today. >> the uncle of kevin collins who disappeared in 1984 and he is talking about it this man who police identified after all of this this years as a suspect in the case. the suspect is a man with a uding kidnapping who lived in the neighborhood where kevin was last seen. many aliases. wayne jackson.
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kelly lee dawson and dan leonard ferrian. vic lee on how the different names played a big factor in the investigation. >> since february 8, 1984 there hasn't been a tip that came into the san francisco police department that we didn't act on. >> reporter: the chief said it was difficult investigating the person of interest in it case. a person with many aliases. >> on april 16 of 1981 jackson was arrested under the name wayne jackson in fisherman's wharf area of san francisco for kidnapping and lewd acts on a child. >> i bailed out and never showed up for the court case. jackson was arrested a year later and spent six months in jail for that offense. he used another aliases when was arrested in canada nine years earlier. >> he was wanted in canada under the name raymond william stewart for a 1973 incident where he allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted two
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juveniles. >> he successfully eluded arrest because he changed his ailian, once again. he lived her under the name dan therian. kevin vanished in february of 1984. he left basketball practice at the saint agnes school gym and waited for a bus at oak and masonic a block away he from therian's house. a nationwide search ensued. his picture was on the front of news week and on milk cartons. two witnesses said they saw kevin talking to a man with a dog. the first man said kevin was at the bus stop. the second witness said the boy was in front of therian's home. therian who had a pet dog was questioned and his flat searched a week after kevin's disappearance but police did not look in the backyard or the basement. last week, cadaver sniffing dogs discovered bones buried in the basement floor of the house.
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they were sent to the state lab for analysis. although investigators from the medical examiner's offense said they were probably from an animal. >> police at the time knew about the fisherman's wharf arrest and that is why they question therian and searched his home but found nothing and a subsequent photo spread produced no matches from the witnesses. we were also told today that the police recently found out about the canadian link. the canada arrest when the new cold case unit began looking into the case. vic lee, abc 7 news. tonight, san jose police are looking for a suspect who escaped from custody by stealing a police van of all things. 32-year-old anthony sanchez was arrested for outstanding warrants this afternoon. is arresting officer was distracted by paper work when sanchez managed to get his cuffed hands in front of him and drive away. the van was found two hours later in san jose but there is no sign of sanchez. sky 7 hd shot these
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pictures of a cable car accident that that sent seven people to the hospital. it happened when the car came to an abrupt stop. lyanne melendez was on the scene right after the accident and has this report. this 1.5-inch bolt caused this cable car weighing 15,000-pounds to come to an arun stop. the 40 pass betters were thrown forward. 7 were sent to the hospital including the conductor and grip operator. dominique visiting from ecuador described the accident. >> a french man was bleeding and the ambulance take him a the other was bleeding, i have a child and we don't know what happened. it just stopped like that. >> the injury report that we received is that all of the passengers stayed on the vehicle and were not ejected. >> technicians managed to remove the bolt which somehow got into the cable groove. according to the municipal transportation agency the cable
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car was traveling downhill on powell street at 9 miles an hour. the bolt did not come from another cable car but instead came from a hatch cover on the tracks. it then wedged itself in the channel where the cable runs. >> it was clearly lodged down in there so that when the car came down and impacted the bolt it stopped. >> according to muni an alarm was supposed to go off to indicate there was something there. it didn't. muni is new investigating why it failed. >> we will look at the maintenance practices as part of our review. >> nearly 24,000 people every day rely on this 19th century technology. mostly tourists. according to an abc 7 news i team report cable cars cause the most injuries of any form of transportation in the country. >> some of the people who were taken to the hospital were tourists who were supposed to leave on a cruise this afternoon. unfortunately, the ship left
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without them. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. well, your morning commute is going to be wet after a long dry spell. spencer christian is tracking it on live doppler 7 hd tonight. spencer? >> going to be wet. we don't expect downpours but wet spots for sure. right now looking at dry conditions as we check out live doppler 7hd. clouds thicken overnight and tomorrow morning at 5:00 there will be wet spots mainly from northern marin through sonoma and parts of northern napa county and in a line from san francisco and oakland southward down across the peninsula and into the santa cruz mountains. as the morning goes on we will see the showers becoming more widespread shifting south ward and east wart. by the end of the morning rush should be drying out for awhile in the north bay but still wet in parts of the east bay and south bay. a complete look at tomorrow's weather and the accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment. investigators looking for the cause of an intense fire
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that burned through a three story home in the berkeley hills today. flames shot through the roof as firefighters arrived at the house just north of the uc berkeley campus. as bad as this was the good news is no one was injured. late today the state fish and game commission took a preliminary step toward putting the great white shark on the endangered species candidacy list. the shark is now protected until a final decision is made. experts say there are only about 200 great white sharks on the west coast. a number so low they are on the brink now of extinction. the main cause of death is fishing nets. commercial fishermen say lifting the shark will make a more difficult to fish. a final decision is expected sometime next year. hunters appear to have the go-ahead for a controversial contest thisg con theft
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week. more from abc 7 news capital correspondent nannette miranda who is in sacramento. >> the california fish and game commission declined to stop a planned coyote 81 this week where a gun club has offered a is silver belt buckle to the hunter who kills the most coyotes. >> none of us including hunters huntershood tolerate the gratuitous slaughter of wildlife as part of winning prizes. >> quite a following is since a radio collar attached to him hass tracked his every move. his last known location about 90 miles from the hunt. critics of the hunt say the lone wolf can easily travel the distance and be mistaken for a coyote during the contest. >> th is legit ma concern journey could be killed by an overzealous coyote hunter. >> they need the hunt to
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proceed because coyotes are nuisance. >> they cause 65% of the predator loss to livestock in california and about $4 million a year for cattle and about $1.3 million for sheep. so it as serious economic loss. >> the commission couldn't really stop this hunt because it wasn't on the agenda. but the state agreed to have wardens present. >> our department will be advising the hunt promoters and the hunters on the day of the event that the grey wolf is a state and federally protected animal and that the shooting of a wolf would be a violation of such law. >> reporter: the hope is journey will stay alive to find a mate especially now since it is prime wolf mating season. other wolfs who aren't on radio monitors occasionally wander into california. >> he is looking for love right now. if he doesn't mind his lady in the next month or are so he has to wait another year. >> the state is talking to groups about future kyodo hunting contests opening the door to possibly limiting or
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banning them. in the meantime there are no plans to hunt or move these coyotes in downtown chicago. city officials say the animals pose no threat. there is a dog park nearby and pet owners concerned with the safety of dogs and cats are being told to keep them on a leash. how about that. coyotes in it downtown chicago. more ahead on this wednesday night at 9:00. we now know more about what led to a trip interestle homicide in rural sonoma county and my investigators don't believe any one else is in danger. plus. san francisco is down the chute. year after year. >> i want my mail on saturdays. >> by cutting saturdays, if they can get the service right the other five days a week, that's great. >> what the post offense would have to charge if it wanted to break even. pebble beach. god waits for tee times here. >> the hollywood
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sonoma county sheriff's deputies say the triple murder in a rural home yesterday happened because of a botched drug deal. the three men were shot to death in a bedroom of this forestville home. sky 7 hd was over the scene as police began the investigation. one of the victims was identified as a 26-year-old with local ties and the other
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two from out of state. investigators say that the three dead men were involved in a big pot buy and the shooter is still on the loose. >> there was some imagine left behind at the scene and also based on interviews we now believe through interviewing people associated with these three victims that it was in fact a marijuana drug deal gone bad. >> the home was being rented by the mother of one of the victims. police say she was out of the state at the time of the killings. new details this evening in the hunt for three people that berkeley police say broke into a home back in december. police have arrested all three suspects in west sacramento. abc 7 news found the home owner lying in the street after the break-in. he suffered minor, jr. whe minn tried to stop the thieves from backing out of his driveway. fingerprints found inside the house led police to sacramento. police recovered some evidence in the case when they searched
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the suspects of homes. >> if you have trouble getting internet access this may be why. two big servers used to communicate with hundreds of thousands of computers were taken down yesterday to disrupt a major crime operation. they were faraday lently hitting businesses with fees that they didn't owe and then infecting personal computers. microsoft and is a man tech discovered the ring and they think they have successfully brought it down. budget problems forcing the post offense to end regular mail delivery on saturdays beginning in august. the cash strapped post offense has wanted to eliminate saturday delivery for years but congress just wouldn't allow it. the post master general says the reduction is one step towards solvency. >> this announcement today is just one part of a much larger strategy to return the postal service to long-term financial stability. >> the people that it is going to impact is lower income really.
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we can't afford like a $13 fed ex. >> it letter carriers will still deliver priority and express mail packages on saturdays and mail will still go to po boxes. if the post offense wanted to break even it would have to charge $1.08 for a first-class stamp. that is a lot more than we pay now, isn't it? >> it is. spencer christian here with the forecast. tracking rain? >> getting closer by the hour. by rush hour tomorrow morning should be here at least in a few spots. a live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville. back towards san francisco. don't have much mccornell the way of clouds at the moment. just partly cloudy skies. and most of the clouds we do see are lurking offshore. a a look at live doppler 7hd. outline of some clouds out over the ocean but over land areas mainly clear at the moment but those clouds will thicken overnight. current temperature read eggs generally in the 40s although oakland is the mild spot at 51 degrees and these are our forecast features. showers arrive early tomorrow
9:19 pm
morning. falling snow levels part of the arrival of the new system of the cold air mass coming in. snow levels drop down to levels where we could see snow atop the highest bay area peaks by friday morning. chance of thundershowers also on friday morning. then we go to beach hazard advisory issued by the national weather service. the highest tides of the month the next three mornings. thursday through saturday heights of 6..7 feet. advisable to stay off the rocks anda away from the coastline if you can. the frontal system bringing us the changes in the weather pattern. the biggest change the drop in temperatures will the cold air mass going to follow the frontal system. also some showers. start the forecast animation at 5:00 tomorrow morning. more wet spots as the morning grows older. by 10:00 the line of showers through the central part of the bay area continuing to push eastward and southward by mid
9:20 pm
afternoon in the south bay, east bay, the santa cruz mountains. a little break but then late tomorrow night a second wave of showers will move through accompanied by colder air. could be some snow in the higher peaks of the bay area during the early morning hours of friday and maybe a thunderstorm or two isolated thunderstorms even later in the morning hours by 7:00 or so over mount hamilton we could see snow and mixed precipitation. by mid day the showers out of here. partial clearing on friday afternoon. by friday afternoon rainfall totals only a quarter inch to half inch. this is not a major rainfall producer but will be a major drop in the temperatures. in the sierra winter weather advisory. 47 inches of snow above 3500 feet. chain controls and travel delays are likely. back to the bay area tonight. chilly in the interior valleys with the lows dropping into the 30s there and, of course, some isolated or scattered
9:21 pm
showers developing overnight. continuing into the afternoon showers. high temperatures only in the low to mid 50s. a cool day tomorrow. in fact, two cool days in a row coming up here is the welcome weather seven-day forecast thursday and friday highs only in the low to mid 50s. as we dry out friday and get into the weekend a little milder and, of course, is sunnier and dryer and then early next week sunny with high temperatures back in the low 60s. >> very good. thank you, sensor, very much. just ahead here, the raiders take a dramatic step to ensure sellouts at games. a move borrowed from the oakland a's. and lance armstrong may have just cut a deal. we'll have the latest on that as abc 7 news
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after learning that he was the target of a criminal investigation abc 7 news says that lance armstrong is reversing course. he has now agreed to a deal to testify under oath to investigators about his knowledge of doping in the sport of cycling. if the deal goes through he could see he his lifetime ban reduced to 8 years and compete in sanctioned events such as triathlons and marathons. just today he received a two week extension on his deadline to meet with investigators. well, first the a's did it and now the raiders will cover seats in the oakland coliseum's upper deck with giant tarps starting next season tarps will cover several lows on coliseum's east side known as mount davis. some end zone seats will get covered as well apparently. the moves will reduce the seating capacity by about 10,000 to around 53,000 seats making odotco one of the
9:26 pm
smallest venues in the country. nfl rules ban removing tarps if ticket requests increase. normally state affairs where everyone is supposed to be quiet and act properly. little or no interaction between the fans and players and certainly no screaming. today all of that was just fine. laura anthony on today's pebble beach pro am. >> one of those days for chris berman when is golfer is glad there aren't pictures on the scorecard. when this is the view on the other side of the tree it is pretty hard are to get upset about the golf. >> it is pebble beach. there is not a cloud. there is the ocean. the people are here. the giants won the world series. the 49ers were in the super bowl. i mean hello.
9:27 pm
>> reporter: though there were some seriously good shots hit by the likes of derrius rucker are and kenny g the real goal was to have fun and raise some money for charity. got it. got it. >> need to bring that stuff for ebay. something i like about him. >> also a day tore autograph seekers to pick up a few from favorite celebrities and there were even a few screams. >> what was all of the screaming about over there? >> josh was up there and carson dailey. >> ray romano didn't draw many screams. >> how is it looking today? >> i never know what the game is looking like even when it looks good it looks bad. >> i mean i come to play as well as i can. >> and then there is bill murray. really the face of the at&t pro am. a guy who cannot only hit a
9:28 pm
golf shot but also share a laugh with just about any one about anything. >> you were lost here sitting on -- sitting crying, weeping by the fence and, you know, i asked who was looking after you and they showed up to take you back to your you house. your home. you have a home i'm sure. >> for the record i was not weeping. i was sitting by the ropes and he come up to me and put my chin in his hand and asked me if i were a lot of child. if it sounds nonsensical it was. but that is what he does and hereis why everybody hear loves him. >> a big part of the charm of that event, no question. still to come, a secret war. the white house makes a decision about using drones to target americans. microsoft gives abc 7 news a sneak peek at its pricey new tablet computer. tonight the tablet wars. will the surface pro rise to the top? elvis presley in the
9:29 pm
1950s seem like a long time ago. one thing hasn't changed. tonight, how team has effectively stopped for women. stay w w
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ on the white house, the justice department is sending lawmakers classified documents outlining the rationale for drone strikes against american citizens who are consider ared terrorists. as abc 7 news reporter martha raddatz explains this comes on the eve of hearings to confirm cia nominee john brennan. >> is secret war and just today in a sign of how per vasive and hidden it is the revealation that america has secret base in saudi arabia used to launch
9:33 pm
drones throughout the region, a tactic against terror which has grown 700% under the obama administration. whatever the benefit of the drone strikes, they have created enormous recentment among some here in the region who view the strikes as another sign of american arrogance. everywhere i travel from yemen. >> i think they are are not right. they are not right. this is our fight. >> to pakistan. >> you are hitting the dark leadership but the byproduct of this is anger. anger among the people. the innocent people who are getting killed. you are just creating more terrorists. >> now, the man who signs off on the kill list from a basement offense in the white house, john brnan about to be questioned in front of the world. >> i suggest that these targeted strikes against al-qaeda terrorists are, indeed, ethical and just.
9:34 pm
>> reporter: in pakistan alone there have been more than 300 drone strikes in the last decade, killing thousands of al-qaeda and taliban but more than 300 is civilians as well. a world away in remote villages you you can hear them like a distant muted chain saw. a dull but deadly roar. villagers describing it this way, the drones are all over my brain. i can't sleep when they are hovering over us we are all scared. a reality we seldom see says stanley mcchrystol. >> we will forget how much car tissue we build up in those countries. >> the general believes that americans should have the chance to know more about the secret drone wars to weigh those benefits and risks. theyville that opportunity on
9:35 pm
thursday when john brennan speaks. martha raddatz, abc news, jerusalem. >> at least four people thieved dead after yesterday's 8.0 earthquake off the solomon islands. it generated attune a tsunami o five feet tall and flooded the local airport. dozens of aftershocks now being felt. to syria now. the capital city has not seen the scale of violence that has destroyed entire neighborhoods in cities like aleppo and holmes. the government has been keeping a tight grip it the city. thens of thousands of tons of herring are dead in iceland. the water shallow. scientists believe since they tend to winter in large populations they depleted the oxygen. the value is estimated at $10 million. not to mention all of that
9:36 pm
herring. those lives lost in terms of the wildlife. microsoft fans will get their first shot saturday to pick up the new ultrapowerful tablet called the surface pro. jonathan blume got a first look at just how it works. >> reporter: visit the microsoft store in palo alto and you might almost miss the hot new product sitting next to the surface rt tablet, the $900 surface pro looks almost identical but it is not. >> the extra layer that is here is the vent lakes for the device. >> ventilation because the surface pro is actually he a laptop in tablet clothing with the hot running intel processor inside it. it can run all of the serious business software that its cousin can't. >> set off queues maybe i could use this for everything that i need. >> now, on one of the 120 keyboard covers and fire up microsoft offense or are grab the included pen to make a quick note. the accessories are all
9:37 pm
magnetic. >> the pen can rest in the charging slot on the dehe vice. for microsoft the surface pro isn't strictly a mobile device but isn't a computer either. a device that is meant to be both in one. something they say customers want. >> i can't tell you how many meetings i go into or people i interact with and they show up with two devices. one for consumption and play and entertainment and another to do real work. >> katie brown says the surface pro could end that by running all of the old windows software you use at work alongside tablet apps. >> the full strength of a pc first and gives you the ability of a tablet technology as well. i think the lines are getting blurred. >> as a tablet the surface pro is not great. as a laptop it is pretty good. but for it to be a laptop you need that keyboard. >> and dylon points out it works better on a table than on your lap but views it as a proof of concept. >> i think the surface pro is a really promising signal of
9:38 pm
things to come. if you are looking for something to buy tomorrow, i don't think it's it. >> in palo alto, jonathan blume, abc 7 news. fighting mad. tough talk from governor chris christie. christie. the challenge he is issuing to [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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women have come a long way since 1950 but one thing has not changed the top job for women. still a secretary. the top five jobs for women has changed very little from 1950. according to the u.s. census the most commonly held positions for women in the '50s were secretaries, bank tellers, clerical workers, sales clerks, private household workers and
9:42 pm
teachers. in 2010, the top five jobs are still secretary, cashier, teacher, nurse, and nursing aide. of the four million people working in the category of secretaries and administrative assistants a staggering 96% were women. every time a major new technology shows up like electronic type writers or computers secretaries were predicted to be on their way out but you you still need people who can use those tools and that is not expected to change. the labor department projects the country will add another half million positions by 2020. he does not mind jokes about his weight but new jersey governor chris christie said a doctor who commented on his weight went too far and now the governor is firing back. >> he wants five minutes on it testimony v. >> chris christie reacting to
9:43 pm
former white house doctor dr. connie mariano who called the governor a time bomb. >> i worrybout this man dying in offense. >> she must be a genius. >> the governor questioned how the doctor could diagnose him from her offense in arizona. >> it is completely irresponsible. my 12-year-old son comes here last night and said dad, are you going to die. >> bring it, fat boy. >> chris christie said he is not sure he will run for eelection next year. i will collapse that bridge when i get to it. >> he attacks it with humor and humility. here is what he told diane sawyer about his work with a personal train. what to you say to yourself to psych yourself into it. >> i look in the mirror. >> cristie who was slender and athletic as a young man insists his health is still good. he told reporters. >> if you talk to anybody in
9:44 pm
the room. >> he is aware his weight could ultimately become a serious issue and he has a plan to deal with it. >> do you think he is a tick iting time bomb? >> i think it is really very judgmental to have such a strong conviction when you have no inate knowledge of his level of activity, his level of fitness. >> tonight, dr. mariano fired back in a statement saying it is sad that the governor cannot take my advice and instead chose to attack me personally. probably not going to fly with christie who made it clear that e has no patience for people who speculate about his health until ask having all of the facts. >> until that time she should shut up. >> coming up next, the strange contraption you may have seen hovering on the bay. the man behind the wheel tells abc 7 news exclusivel
9:45 pm
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and they're off. the annual race at the empire state building was held tonight. 700 runners went up 86 flights of stairs as fast as they could. emergency how exhausting this is -- imagine how exhausting this is. a pair of australians won. for the woman who won it is the fourth time she has taken top honors. you have to be in shape 2 to do that. monopoly gets a new board game and loses one. hasbro announced the changes today. fans from more than 120 countries voted in the save your token campaign. all right. if you think you have seen a sports car in san francisco bay your eyes are not deceiving
9:49 pm
you. a hover craft built by a local man who hopes itle give him a lift to a new job and he spoke exclusively with abc 7 news about why he did it. >> if you have a hover craft what better place to show it off than san francisco bay. and if you are going to take the time to build one from scratch, why not make it stand out. 29-year-old matt rece of san francisco has been working on this delorean hover craft for years. he is hoping it will land him a job. >> proves that i can get things done and be creative and inventive and work are hard and see a project through. >> it made its debut in mccovey cove during a giants game. it was even trending on you tube recently for this drive by near the golden gate bridge. >> i tried to build a hover craft that was advertised in a
9:50 pm
boy scouts magazine but i got lazy and quit a third of the way into it. rece has been toying with the idea ever since. in 2007 he drew up the plans. 2008 he started building. a new hover craft from scratch. >> i didn't know what i was doing when i started. i just learned as i went. >> the design is inspired by hollywood. in the movie "back to the few future" a delorean was convert inside a time machine. this doesn't travel back in time. it isn't even really a delorean. he build it with fiberglass insulation, glued together and sanded down and covered in five iter glass. >> the first draft took four months to build and then the second draft which is here took about four years. >> rece raised more than $5,600 from kick starter to get the project off the ground. kick starter is is a crowd
9:51 pm
funding website where any one with an idea can solicit investors. he says it ultimately cost more to finish the project than the money he raised. he took odd jobs while going to grad school at san francisco tate to pay for it. >> i also got a masters in political science. i had to make money. but a lot of hours and work. >> now, he is hoping h his hover craft will grab someone's attention and turn into it a real job. he hasn't narrowed down what e wants to do exactly and he is certainly open to offers. >> that is my resume yes. >> says he will be out on the bay showing off this resume until he finds that perfect job. >> i don't think i'm the most interesting man in the world. probably in the top five in my zip code but i figure that's good enough. >> and off he goes on his resume. if you are interested in finding out more about matt rece or maybe think you have a
9:52 pm
job he would be interested in head to and we will connect you. an interesting and very sharp guy as you can tell. speaking of interesting and sharp back to spencer christian for the forecast. >> i would like to be in the top five-day forecasters in my zip code. >> you are number one. >> a look at live doppler 7hd. mainly cloud free sky but clouds gathering overnight. a little shower activity by morning. statewide in fact showers from about the central part of the state north ward up to eureka. sunny skies down into l.a. and a palm springs. in the bay area showers develop in the early morning hours even before the rush hour starts. fair early widespread light showers across the area. it will be a cool day with highs only in the low to mid 50s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. friday will be a cool day as well with cold morning showers. maybe even a thundershower or two. but you clearing by afternoon. and then sunny through the weekend and getting milder early next week. >> nice. not bad at all. thank you, spencer, very much. sports director larry beil taking a couple of days off
9:53 pm
after being at the super bowl for a week. >> rumor that's one too many benighs. >> national letter of intent day. day. and after bettingmíáf- well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched.
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and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. trend leaving a lot of potential buyers on sidelines and the care and feeding of orphaned bears. the real life world of people who live with the animals so they can have a second chance at life. those stories and more coming up for you on abc 7 news at 11:00. rick here with all of the sports. talk about planes, trains and automobiles for the warriors. >> tough road trip. playing back-to-back road trips tough enough. because of fog they had to fly in tulsa early this morning and
9:57 pm
take an hour and a half cab ride to oklahoma city to finally get into the hotel rooms around 4 am. golden state turned it the ball over 19 times. west brook with the bounce pass to durant for the jam. the warriors sleep walking the first half. westbrook will lay it in over david lee and the foul. the thunder led at the half, 67-49. nice dish by kevin martin to durant who score ared a game high 25 even though he sat out. oklahoma city cruzs 119-98. martin with the big finish. the warriors 0-2 on the four-game road trip. stanford at number 7 arizona. this kid hoping to cut the tree down to size. the cardinal has been playing well of late and led most of the way. with five minutes left the wildcats went on a 9-0 run. mark lions with two of his season high 25. arizona up by four. the cardinals fought back. aaron bright with a corner three. got the lead down to one but
9:58 pm
solomon hill seals the deal with the monster one hand jam. the wildcats hold off the cardinals 73-66. the stanford football team was busy adding some new players on national letter of intent day with the departure of zac irts and levine. the cardinals signed three tight ends, austin hooper who for 6'4", 245. played both offense and defense as the spartans win their fourth straight state title. sanford signed just 12 players. francis owusu. a taller version of his brother a form irstanford star and offensive lineman thomas osier. tight end greg cabaratta and another tight end eric cotton who is among the abc 7 top 300. >> the stanford brand as a university is world rye spected. our football brand i think has become respected in the last
9:59 pm
three years and for us our pool is never going to be huge because of our academic standards that we have. those doors were open and we found some great kids that fit our university and fit our football team. dykes signed 25 players including marin catholic quarterback jarred goff. with goff as the starter the wildcats went 39-4 over three years. other notables. running back muhammad and cameron walker both from southern california. the bears bolstered the offensive line with five new players. cochran is 6'8". and vincent johnson of sacramento. >> proud of the academics in the group and feel strongly that all of the young men will represent cal well in the classroom and on the field. exciting day for all of us and again thought it was a

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